Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dog Friendly Home

I am absolutely obsessed with our fur baby.  I think I had made a comment to my husband the other day that went along the lines of "well, I don't think Tater would want a house like that".  And he thought I was nuts... okay, so I am a little crazy.  Obviously he won't have a clue on what kind of a house we buy or what we want or look in a house.  But I am an overbearing dog mom, I admit to that.  So when I see these dog friendly home ideas on Pinterest, of course I pin them away thinking, oh I will totally do that to my house for Tater.  Tell me I am not the only one?

This camera lets you chat with your furry friends when you are not at home and you can even set it to give treats.  It is ridiculous but I need it.

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