Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I have a pair of Oxford shoes that were gifted to me and they are one of my most comfortable shoes I own.  I recently rediscovered them in my closet (you know how sometimes, especially after a season is over, you completely forget you owned something that you love? I love that feeling) and cannot wait to wear them again in the Fall.  Most of the time, I think I dress in feminine styled clothing but there is something about these menswear inspired oxfords that I love.

Mine are from Clarks from a couple of seasons ago but there are many options out there now:


Here are some outfit inspirations on how to wear Oxford shoes that I am loving!  How do you feel about Oxford shoes?  Are they too "menswear" like for you? 



  1. I saw some tempting oxfords at Target the other day, and I think I might try them out. I love wearing flats to work to give my feet a break, and these seem dressy enough that I can absolutely make them work appropriate! -- Jenn

  2. We have a black patent pair at work that just want markdown. I have been wearing mine to death at work!