Sunday, September 7, 2014

Let's Talk Wicker Animal Purses

If you are ever on the internet these days, you probably noticed that everyone that is anyone is in New York for the spring/summer 2015 fashion preview.  As the pictures are coming in through favorite blogs and pinterest, there was one thing that really caught my eye -- the Kate Spade show.  Yes, the colors are great.  The silhoutes are perfect, so demure yet so young and fresh and fun.  But the wicker animal handbags?  I can't say that I want one, but I sure enjoy looking at pictures of them.

Wicker crab purse, channeling a Lily Pulitzer vibe maybe?  I can definitely see a sorority member wearing this with green and pink. Via

I can't decide if this outfit is cute or just deranged.  Without the floppy hat I think I could handle the frog purse.  Via

Totally deranged looking though, when you zoom in for the close up.  via

Kind of adorable snail clutch (at least I think it is supposed to be a clutch?  I can't tell if it is functional or not) via

Where last year Chanel and Moschino did what I consider to be impractical and questionably tacky (in fashion, that's not such a bad thing) handbags with their spin on "grocery store" chic and Fast Food Nation culture respectively, Kate Spade's new generation of whimsical handbags is much more charming to me.  I just wasn't finding myself lusting after egg carton purses or golden arch shaped sunglasses.  Can I imagine an adult woman carrying a wicker frog purse?  Well, I can't wait to see the armies of fashion bloggers try to pull it off at least.
I totally love this dress from the Kate Spade S/S15 collection
because I am boring and scalloped details are all it takes
for me to feel fashion forward.  via

What I really love about these fashion week shows is that everything is so over the top.  Fashion doesn't have to be practical -- it is ok to be kitschy or tacky or ugly even.  As long as it is different and makes you feel something.  I love dressing like a boring person as much as the next: stripes are my bold look.  But isn't it fun to have a few things in your wardrobe that are different or new or interesting? Controversial even?  As I go through life, I am starting to find tacky less of a terrible thing to be. At least that person's outfit that I am labeling "tacky" was trying something new; maybe it failed, but they tried.  It is great to be a woman confident enough in herself to be willing to try to pull something unique or different off.  And if you can pull off a wicker snail-shaped clutch, I can't wait to meet you and I hope we can be friends.

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  1. I totally saw the frog purse last night and thought I kind of like it... haha. I know I would get some crazy looks!