Friday, September 26, 2014

Dress Normal

There are some stores that it literally never crosses my mind to walk into when I go to the mall. These are stores that are knowingly too expensive, too junior (ok, so I do walk into Forever 21 sometimes...), too cheaply made, or too plain boring to bother wasting my precious window shopping moments.  Gap has been a prime example of a store that I haven't shopped since early college (when I had the employee discount), mostly because there was no clothing inside that was really interesting enough to make me want to buy it at Gap instead of at Target while I also checked out with deodorant and wine.  I appreciate when a company realizes their issues, and targets them head on.  Gap has decided to look boring right in the face, and exalt in it.  Enter the "Dress Normal" campaign.


Because this is the internet, many journalists and bloggers are talking about how uninspiring they think this campaign is.  But I can really see what chief marketing officer Seth Farbman was trying to elicit when choosing this advertising campaign -- Gap is "normal" clothes.  Clothes that don't make a statement.  Clothes that are basics.  Clothes that can be a part of your wardrobe as the groundwork even if your personal style is bohemian, or preppy, or gothic. There is something very organic about the campaign that I think will resonate on some level with the Millenial generation they are so desperately targeting (the average age of the Gap customer is 39-- a death knell for most retail companies!).  In a year where internet consumerism is at an all time high and we literally are looking at one advertisement after another on every blog we visit, maybe being "normal" is what Millenials are craving?  Are they tired of fashion-blog-esque pattern mixing or tulle skirts with graphic tees? Do they want some basic jean jackets and black skinny pants to wear every day for their blog posts?

Unfortunately for Gap creative directors, this seems doubtful.  But there are some Millenials out there not fashion blogging right?

  Also, Gap, don't try to tell me this is dressing normal.

I like overalls, but these are just crazy.  Weird V-neck and a ruched waist?  Good luck making that look normal or feel normal after you realize you just paid $80 for overalls.

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