Monday, September 22, 2014

Door Knockers

I recently went down a new Pinterest wormhole and thought I should drag you fellow readers with me -- the magical world of door knockers.  Ever since my husband and I came back from Spain, I just can't get enough Spanish architecture. Barcelona especially had just an abundance of fascinating doors, much less buildings to look at.  Stonework, handles, glasswork, and yes, door knockers were just extensions of the original builder's freedom of expression.

Gothic door knocker in Barcelona via

Incredibly intricate doorknocker in Barcelona via

The doorknocker at Gaudi's Casa Calvet is a bedbug--so of course there is a natural desire to mash it.  Gaudi just never ceases to amaze me.  He was so in tune with depicting nature and human natural instinct in every aspect of his design via

And while these eccentric Spanish doorknockers aren't exactly easy to bring back to your average Southern home, even traditional American doorknockers are really a thing of beauty.

Polished nickel kickplate, house number, and traditional doorknob really make this black door pop via

Nothing says "Southern home" quite like a pineapple door knocker.  via
Unfortunately the front door to my house isn't really a door knocker option (every house in our neighborhood has double doors with windows so there is really no where to put one).  Luckily, door knockers are a bit more versatile than your would think.

You can use the ringed versions to hold washcloths in a powder room:


Or you can update a boring or traditional cabinet by changing out drawer handles for door knockers:

Or you can find a door inside your home where a doorknocker would make sense.  I think an indoor door knocker for a powder room or any "guest" bathroom where the entry is from a hallway could actually be useful.  If the door is closed, you would be knocking on that door anyway, so why not use a door knocker (maybe padded so it isn't insanely loud though).

Entrance to a renter's area via
I need to try to find a use for this adorable Anthropology door knocker.  Maybe for something outside?  I have seen people put door knockers on gates, but it isn't exactly functional for that use.  If you had a separate guest house or pool house it could make more sense (not a problem that I have haha).  Or I could just buy a new front door so I could use it there..

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